Everybody who likes to watch a good movie has his personal favorites, movies that he has to have in his collection … and these are the movies that I watched for million times and will watch them again and again.

In case you did not watch some of these movies, trust me, you have to 😉
And yes… this is not a top list or reviews, just a random list with my comments on the movies and reasons why you have to watch them 😉 I`ll post 5 movies at a time… so, subscribe and wait for more 😉

1. Moon (2009, Director: Duncan Jones, Main character: Sam Rockwell)

As I`m writing this, Moon soundtrack is playing, and I can see Sam on the moon, all by himself… or is he?

One of the rare new sci-fi movies that doesn`t use CGI to be sci-fi… it is based on one really heart touching human story of Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), stranded all by him self on the moon, on his three year long job in Lunar Industries, where he is in charge of managing the harvesters that supply earth with new kind of energy.

Sam Rockwell was always one of my favorite actors… silly, crazy, funny, smart… he can be anything… and he showed here what a great actor he is. Beside him, Duncan Jones made a fantastic story, that will make you wonder… make you feel like Sam Bell, maybe it will even make you cry… but you will end up loving Sam Bell and when the movie finishes… you will have your head full of Moon, Sam, life, meaning …. I AM SAM BELL!

One more thing I must point out is soundtrack by Clint Mansell. Some say it is to repetitive, but it perfectly fits Sam Bell character and situation he is in… a must have 😉

2. The Thing (1982, Director: John Carpenter, Main character: Kurt Russell)

If you are afraid of the dark… afraid of real horror film, you have to watch The Thing and wet your pants!

An old time classic horror movie that is what it should be, really scary movie! Carpenter at his best if you ask me… combined with chilling Arctic setting… nothing nowhere for hundreds of miles, just 12 men and something else that haunts them … until all of them are gone…

This movie was made in 1982, but effects are still great, and one of my personaly best things in the movie… lightning, intesity of every situation … who is who … who is the Thing and who is not… uh, chills running down my spine 🙂
Even if you are not a great fan of horror movies, I recommend you to watch this one, `cause story is intense, there are some really great moments… and Ennio Morricone made a really chilling sountrack.

I think that one of my favorite scenes from The Thing could show you what is a real horror movie… and make you watch the whole thing:

3. Donnie Darko (2001, Director: Richard Kelly, Main character: Jake Gyllenhaal)

Donnie Darko … watched it really many times… and can watch it again when ever I get a chance… When you get totally connected to the movie, character of Donnie… then you are obsessed… there is no turning back.

This movie is love it or hate it type, but I must say that I noticed that people with lower IQ don`t like it, and those who are a bit more intelligent simply adore it… guess that makes me a smartass 🙂

First of all you have to know that this is a strange movie, and you`ll watch it at least twice, I can guarantee you that. It involves much thinking from your side… it is not a kind of movie you would sit and watch… no no, Donnie Darko is a lot deeper experience.

Jake Gyllenhaal contributed alot to the movie… `cause his performance is simply genius… there could be no other actor that could have played Donnie as good as he did… and chicks love him 🙂

It is a happy-sad movie… at the end you will be happy as Donnie is, but will also feel very sorry for all that happened… and same as the Moon … it will be in your head for some time…

4. Bubba Ho-Tep (2002, Director: Don Coscarelli, Main characters: Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis)

Elvis is alive! And he is living in home for elderly people with cancer on his penis, and his best friend is JFK, who is btw black 🙂 And they are here to save the world from ancient mummy that came to life and is sucking human souls through their asses 🙂

Yes, this is the plot of this movie, believe it or not 🙂 It may sound totally absurd, but trust me, you haven`t seen the movie yet, so shut up for now.

Director is able to give you a “realistic” explanation of all this through the film, and he does it in a great way!

But who could be the best man to play Elvis in such a movie? The one and only, Bruce Campbell… as always, he is brilliant and gives this movie his own crazy touch (like it is not crazy enough without it).

Is it a silly movie? Yes it it. Is it movie you`ll talk about to your friends? Yes it is. Is it a movie you always be glad to watch again? Yes it is 🙂

Bubba Ho-Tep is simply crazy, but very smart film that has its own unique way of connecting you with its characters.

5. Dead Snow (Død snø) – (2009, Director: Tommy Wirkola, Main characters: Vegar Hoel, Stig Frode Henriksen, Charlotte Frogner, Lasse Valdal, Evy Kasseth Røsten, Jeppe Laursen, Jenny Skavlan)

Talking about silly horror movies… Dead Snow was such a surprise to me when I saw it that I had to tell everybody about it!

In a good old manner of Army of Darkness, Braindead and similar trashy horror movies, Dead Snow brings you all that you could wish for: Zombies, dead zombies, decapitated zombies, Nazi zombies and lots and lots of blood 🙂 Do you need anything else?

OK, some decent story would be nice.. so, here it is, Dead Snow has one, and its about Nazi zombies trying to kill a bunch of friends who went on a vacation somewhere in Norwegian mountains.

Yes, zombies have been done for million of times, but not in this way… especially not in such cleverly humorous way… with such amounts of blood 🙂