There is something very strange happening with music,
one of my favorite artistic expressions.

Call me old fashioned, but I still think that when someone does something with love and soul, only prize for his work that he needs is recognition and other peoples enjoyment in his work… When we speak of music, such artists were Vivaldi, Mozart, Bethoven and all other classical masterminds that made music for their own pleasure, they did not compose for money, they did not charge a penny for their music. They loved what they do!

Few days ago I have read one article online that made me a bit angry…

Main character in that article was Bono Vox from U2 (personaly I really love their old albums), who is “a great man who figts for human rights, world peace etc. etc.”. But Bono obviously fights for his money also (poor little Bono)!
Ok, you will say that everybody would fight for his money, and that is in most of the cases true, but in this case, you have to look at the things a bit deeper.

Bono stated that internet providers should be controlled because of great financial losses in music industry. But he did not say that U2 was best payed band in 2009!

Sure, many of us use torrents and other kinds of online file sharing to get the music that we want… I personally have cca 115 GB of downloaded music, or to be more precise: 11.906 songs, and yes, I have complete U2 discography.

I do not want to pay for music! I will never pay for music. I will pay for a concert entrance, but not for the music. If you wanted to make music, you wanted people to listen your music, did you not? Well, I`m listening to your music. But now, that is not enough, you want ME to pay YOU to listen to YOUR music? lol

You made that music with only one intention, to make money on it? Well… maybe that is why it is called music INDUSTRY …

Where did all that artistic spirit go? Its colored green… shame…


Continue “illegal” music download… real artists that want people to enjoy their work will not have anything against it.

And here is all that you need:

Torrent client and few good sites for torrent search: and are my favorites.