I`m in computers for I don`t know how long any more… but it is a long time… and I had monsters of computers, I was overclocking like crazy… but after some time… there was only one thing on my mind concerning my personal computer:

I needed a stable, fast and especialy, quiet machine.

Did I spent a lot of money? not really, I just knew what I needed for my computer to be all that I want it to be.

In most cases, when buying a new PC, people look at gigahertzes, to have the best graphics card and enormous disks. And you can buy all of that for not much money these days. But if you don`t know what you want, you`ll end up with a very very loud computer that will be great for gaming.

But what if you need your computer for business, watching movies, listening to music and surf the net.. do you want to have a loud box beside you? No, you want a box that you will not even notice that it is there.

In building fast and quiet PC for everyday use, you have to take these facts in account:

– Processor is nothing without enough RAM
– Processor and RAM ane nothing without a fast hard drive
– and finaly, quiet PC needs good coolers, good case and few little tricks

hard disks produce significant amount of noise, and they transmit that noise thru case by vibrations, so one of the easyest tricks is not to mount the drive into the bay in the case… take same rubber like material and let it lie down on the bottom of your case.

This  way it will not be fixed to the case, and no vibrations will make extra noise.

– power supplies, cases and optical drives, all transmit many vibrations, and by checking where these vibrations occur, you can eliminate them using little pieces of doublesided tape or rubber, what ever you have at hand.

don`t ever buy a cheapest coolers for your PC, especialy for the CPU. Zalman has been my good partner in cooling for years now, and I can definately recommend their products.

– you are not into gaming? Then buy yourself a passive cooled graphics card!

– place your case as far away from you as possible, under the desk or in some corner where you will hear it least. If you think it is stupid to do so, you have to remember that you need your case for switcing your PC on… and thats it! If you are asking yourself right now… what about USB devices? Well… buy yourself an USB extension cable and place it where ever you want to!

– if you are a bit lazy like me, and don`t want to bend down every time you have to start your computer, take 2 meters of cable, place a switch on one end, take the other and connect it to power on on your motherboard and voila, you have a remote way of turning on your PC… just place that switch in some nice housing and thats it. 10 minutes of work, but no more bending down 🙂

– there is one more thing that will make your everyday work much easier… a dual monitor setup! Monitors are now really cheap… buy one main monitor, and one cheaper, smaller one to go beside it… it will be a great place for all your background applications like mucis player, torrent downloader etc. , and in all that time, you`ll have the main monitor completely free for your main work… no more alt-tabbing all the time 😉